You Have the Power 

to keep christmas
in the community

Your choices put food on your neighbors table.

Your choices put presents under their tree.


The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t just a public health emergency,

it’s also an economic crisis that is hitting your friends and neighbors.

We must:

Choose Community Over Convenience

Choose to Keep Christmas in the Community

Choose to be Intentional and Buy Local

or Bye, Bye Local …


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Your money is 3x More Impactful Locally

When you buy from a local business or support a local nonprofit, you create 3x more jobs, support 3x more families and create 3x more dreams. You create the vibrant life we have for yourself and others.

That’s because those local organizations pay others locally – our friends and neighbors. Locals supporting local.  


Local = You Helping Yourself (and others)

It is our friends and neighbors who help you support schools, parks, first responders, and more. 

The shops you love, the restaurants you crave, the fun activities that fuel you rely on your support to keep going.

When fewer people buy local we will have:

  • jobs lost
  • families impacted
  • bankruptcies
  • empty storefronts
  • fewer choices
  • higher taxes or fewer services
  • greater need for social services

Ways to Support Local Businesses

Give the Gift of Local for the Holidays

Gift cards to local businesses are now cool when added with a thoughtful note. “I know you love this place. We’re giving you this gift card because we knew you’d like them to stay in business. Use it. Don’t use it as a gift to the local owners.”

Replace Holiday Parties with Family Gift Cards

There can still be celebrations, employee appreciation, and holiday cheer. Give a gift cards to employees with a special note, “Thank you for all you do for us. We want you to celebrate while also helping put presents under the tree for local workers. Here’s a gift card to a local restaurant. Enjoy!”

Post Your Experience Buying Local, Loving Local

Every local business needs to be top of mind when people go to spend money. Posting experiences you had picking up and eating out helps remind our community where they can support local. Tag in #golsWI and #getonlivingsafely and we’ll pick it up and share it.

Liking, Commenting, Sharing Matters ... A LOT

Social media showcases high performing posts – that means liking and commenting helps keep that post active and alive on your favorite company’s page.

Sharing is golden for local businesses. When someone shares another person’s or company’s post, the number of people reached goes through the roof. Share when you love something. It matters.


Slow Online Spending

If you can get a product locally, please do. It may employe a high school student learning a work eithic, a college student paying for school, a parent puting food on the table or a present under a tree. 

Forgive Expired Gift Cards

Gift cards provide cash up-front for businesses. A percentage of them never get used. Yes, allowing you to used an expired gift card is great customer service. Consider being generous if you can let it go.



Tear Up Old BOGOs

Buy one get one offers work great for companies to move inventory or to make money off of bar tabs and other areas with higher profit margins. If it was issued prior to the pandemic and you’re taking out or picking up just those items, consider not using it. It creates a painful loss for that business right now.

Consider Cash Payments. Choose Debit vs. Credit.

Some businesses aren’t taking cash right now. Those that are, you save that company 1-3% in processing fees by paying in cash.

The fees are also lower if you choose debit vs. credit, if your card allows.

This helps reduce the costs on the business.


Tip Well

Tip generously. Remember, when you tip a driver, it is that driver getting tipped, not the employee at the business.

Be Kind. Patient. Compassionate.

Everyone is feeling off. Business flow is off. Menus must change to minimize waste. A small gesture goes a long way.

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