Keeping The Lights On

Through November of 2020 people in La Crosse County spent $60 mil *more* online.

Home improvement and big box stores grew.

The small businesses that make up our quality of life shrank by $149 mil. Food and beverage, hotels, entertainment, and more.

#golsWI Get On Living Safely’s initial 35 local investors reached more than 20,000 people with our reminders to support local businesses. People stated they shopped at new places because of the campaign.

Just as businesses must keep going. So must our campaign.

Watch How


Since November, the Get On Living Safely campaign was the most active business page when looking at tourism, downtown, Chamber and West Salem business groups. People engaged with our:


  • daily posts reminding people of local businesses
  • showcasing communities like North La Crosse, La Crescent, West Salem and Onalaska.
  • telling stories of businesses, how they’ve adjusted, and how they hope to reopen fully.
  • Giveaways of $3200 in local gift cards, providing an economic boost while growing a base of followers.

OTHER MEDIA: radio ads, DJ promotions, billboards, yard signs, Tribune ads, and podcasts, t-shirts and more with “Get On Living Safely” circulated.

We’ve built momentum.

Phase 2 can help keep it going.

$ Raised

People Reached & Growing

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