Businesses need hope.

We need a plan.


Local Businesses Speaking Up for Small Businesses

We are in the midst of both a health AND an economic crisis.

     This collective group of businesses are creating hope by speaking up for our local, small businesses – because we know what it’s like when families are relying on our success to put food on the table and presents under trees.

     Sales tax data shows our friends and neighbors are spending money. It’s not going local. $54 million less revenue came into La Crosse County in March-June alone.

     This campaign urges people to put community over convenience. We must ramp up local sales to survive the toughest January and February months. 

     As a fellow business owner, we need any financial contribution you can provide. Everything matters. We also need you to support this campaign in the steps highlighted below. Working together lightens the load. 


Get Involved / ToolkitTips to Help You

Get Involved

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  • a toolkit of templates to give to your employees, customers, and posts for your social media encouraging them to support La Crosse Area businesses
  • updates on the campaign and new ways to engage. Our hope is to keep they support local marketing going as long as we can.

    Our message is amplified when we unite. It begins with signing up using the button on the menu bar above. We’ll get you information.


    1. GOLS stuff:
      1. Yard signs – Magnets – Wear T-Shirts (Order form below)
      2. Promote on your marquee sign
    2. Social Media
      1. Follow the GOLS page
      2. Use the hashtag: #golsWI in all your posts
      3. Post about what you’re doing to keep people safe
      4. Post about your awesome local business
      5. Post when YOU buy local
      6. Share the GOLS content when it comes in your feed!
    3. Educate On Shopping Local to your:
      1. Employees
      2. Customers
      3. Loved ones
      4. Talk to People about why it matters to you and your community!
    4. Get the GOLS toolkit (website link below)
    5. Donate: Help the campaign if you can!


      You cannot continue to operate as you did prior to 2020 and survive. A Google survey found that:

      • 1/3 of people won’t be shopping Black Friday
      • 1/2 say the pandemic will impact how they shop
      • 75% more will shop online for the holidays than prior years
      • 70% plan to shop early

      Many say they want to support local (66%) more. They want to do online, pickup or in-store/curbside pickup. 

      63% of shoppers say they are slightly or very much more likely to purchase from a retailer they know is following safety precautions in-store.


        You must adjust for how your customers want to interact with you. You must remove obstacles.

        Get on Living Safely is developing tips. Sign-up above to ensure you receive them as they are released.

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