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Through November 2020 in La Crosse County Alone

  • Online sales increased by more than $60 million.
  • Local store lost more than $149 million. 
    This is the equivalent of two City of La Crosse budgets.

Our friends and neighbors continue to hurt.

  • The United Way says before the pandemic, 50% of City of La Crosse residents were one tragedy away from being devastated.
  • The pandemic was that tragedy.

You have the Power to Restore Jobs for Our Friends and Neighbors.

We must “Get On Living, Safely!”

meaning, based on your comfort level, being intentional about buying from local businesses.

Help yourself.

Help your neighbors.

Support local.

Support small.


Brought to you by the North La Crosse Business Association and Partners


Our community needs you.

These losses impact nonprofits like the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater La Crosse.

These losses impact jobs, families, and dreams.